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Why Intuitive Leadership Succeeds

There’s no question that the world as we once knew it is forever changed. This is obviously due in part to the pandemic and the shifts everyone has been making to accommodate health and well-being, education systems, and not least of all, the ways we participate in the workplace.

From working remotely to newly accepted personal pronouns, relaxed professional attire, and policy changes, the workplace, if you step back to gain perspective, has become a more holistic environment presenting individualized opportunities to thrive. However, modification requires new learning curves and different ways of defining who we are and how we choose to engage. We have been and continue to be in the process of revisioning.

One area that has been significantly impacted is business leadership.

Executive decision-making was once valued exclusively for action based on evaluation and data, but growing numbers of business leaders now also rely on reflection that includes intuition as an additional key. This ‘inner knowing’, ‘feeling’ or ‘hunch’ that in the past had been ignored or silenced is considered an essential component for choice.

By integrating intellect with intuition, decision-making becomes the blending of a greater reservoir of information. Accessing intuition helps with learning to trust that ‘gut feeling’ as a means to innovate or possibly avoid taking steps that might later result in regret. Culturally, we have been trained to listen to what goes on in our heads, but that’s not the only thing running the show. Our innate wisdom is always present.

How often has someone with impressive credentials interview for a position that seems like a perfect fit, but something feels off to the interviewer? Something just isn’t right. And if that ‘feeling’ is acknowledged, the applicant as well as the business may be spared the frustration and disappointment of an inappropriate hire.

Leaders who honor their intuition employ it in all phases of business development from team building to policy design, retreats, expansions, and so on. Allowing and cultivating intuition brings all of who we are to the table in every aspect of our lives. Think about the situations and relationships where you can fully be yourself. This is where you shine and embrace the potential to be most joyful, inspired, and creative, the true expression of holistic living.

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