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About Susan

    I work with people who have a deep desire to develop consciously because they understand that personal awareness and wisdom impact every area of their lives.

    I'm inspired by how the dynamics of self-discovery affect personal and professional development. And I’m passionate about helping others realize the joy of gracefully creating their desires, and enjoying successful, abundant, connected lives that may have once seemed out of reach.

    The dominant theme of my work has always been learning how to identify and resolve barriers to flourishing personal and organizational development. This emphasis revolves around positive ethics and leading with integrity.

    I have long been an advocate of conscious well-being which was exemplified when I shifted my career from teaching inner-city school children in Philadelphia to writing for newspapers and magazines focusing on embracing life through focused choice. Since then, I helped pave the way with mentoring, consultations, articles, conferences, and presentations designed to promote awareness and  compassionate living.

    My Bachelor of Sciences degree is from Temple University and I have since studied with numerous progressive leaders in the areas of personal and professional growth. I have an extensive leadership background with non-profit and corporate companies, government agencies, social responsibility initiatives, artistic collaborations, business and financial development, and an unrelenting focus on values, vision, and personal voice.

    As the former owner and creative director of an East Coast marketing and public relations firm, I have had the opportunity to work with individuals and businesses on clarifying and assessing their perception of success. I have been retained as a mentor, speaker, corporate retreat facilitator, executive and development director as well as a university instructor, and featured business writer.

    Being an unabashed world traveler from an early age has allowed me to live and work in illuminating international locations in addition to maintaining residence in Hawaii for fifteen years. I am now based in Santa Barbara, California, and Barcelona, Spain to be close to family and the wondrous sea.

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