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Professional Mentoring

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    Are you feeling a sense of vulnerability in the workplace? Maybe you're seeking clarity regarding business leadership practices or empowered professional choices?

    By developing a refined, results-driven strategy, you will inherently become more clear, confident, receptive, and inspired. You will notice an effortless manifestation of what you have been reaching for as you deepen trust in your expansive self.

    This grounded style of professional mentoring leads directly to effective solutions regardless of whether your business is private or non-profit, if you are an independent contractor, an artist, or not yet sure where to begin. Together we design innovative strategies that inspire improved change and with greater ease. As a result, blind spots or dreams just below the surface become newly revealed.


This is how we build capacity for vision-building and professional success.

    The dominant theme of our work is learning how to identify and resolve barriers to organizational development and stability. This emphasis revolves around positive ethics and leadership with integrity.

    We strive to ensure strong marketplace positioning, profitability, and building productive, mindful teams from colleagues to board members.


My expertise is in conscious leadership management, strategic creativity and implementation, resilient financial development, effective internal and external communications, and consistently rewarding public relations. All of these endeavors are supported with dynamic tools geared to yield measurable, self-perpetuating outcomes.

Topic Samplings

Conscious Leadership Development

Individual and Group Mentoring

Strategic Solutions for Groups and Individuals
Non-profit Fundraising
Public Presentations and Speaking with Confidence
Professional Correspondence - Internal and External Communications

Additional topics available upon request





I am a marketing leader in a group for more than seven international companies that provide a diverse range of products and services. Susan has been instrumental in helping me develop the vision to oversee the marketing matrix. She teaches me with a variety of tools to empower me to reframe situations under a high volume of marketing responsibilities. She is a highly skilled marketing guide, and is a kind, spontaneous, and authentic person. Susan taught me to let go of fear and stay graceful under pressure. I was also thoroughly impressed with her responsiveness and patience. She is not only my mentor in professional matters, but also a mentor who empowers me to overcome challenges and be more confident.” 

    Michelle Qian   Quadrant Corporation


"I credit a large part of my professional success as founder and lead consultant of Sustainable Solutions to the guidance and support I received from Susan Wikler. She helped me distill the true intention of my work as well as guide me in clearing the path so that I am able to deliver effectively and efficiently. Susan taught me to embrace my gifts and talents and offer them in a way that allows me to enjoy my success while continuing to be of service. Her experience coupled with her connection to Source are a true inspiration."


    TG, Sustainable Solutions

“Susan has been an amazing writing mentor. She has lifted my spirits in a very positive way. She communicates very well and has the patience to make sure she understands you.”


    Salwa Mashgari  

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