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Personal Mentoring





    We’re all storytellers creating stories all day, every day with our thoughts and internal dialogue. It’s these stories, or beliefs, that actually determine how we feel about everything in our lives including work, home, relationships, and most importantly, ourselves.

    Naturally, if you change the story you tell yourself, you can change how you feel, and as a result,

you can change your life.

    The key lies in the ability to recognize undesirable thoughts, set them aside, and create the freedom to proceed with the adventure of manifesting our most desired, empowered, meaningful choices. 



"It is my privilege and pleasure to recommend Susan to you. She is a strong empath and can readily understand you and the obstacles you need to overcome in order to succeed. But she won’t do the work for you! Rather, she will teach you tools so that you may help yourself achieve your goals throughout your entire lifetime. This is the best kind of help we can have!"


    Debbie Smith, Intuitive Counselor

"Susan’s refined sensitivity and soul-full guidance have been paramount in helping me establish a renewed sense of appreciation, determination, clarity, and commitment within my personal and professional relations. I have gained an unwavering commitment to my own truth and a connection to my inner knowing. Her gentle guidance and support helped me establish the skills I needed to discover my path of service and create the momentum to manifest my heart’s desires."


    HB Goldberg, PhD

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