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Predictability vs. Possibility

We’ve all been there, sitting through meetings that drone on and on discussing expected business outcomes, a dynamic that might be stimulating for some but not for most participants.

In fact, numerous studies, including those conducted at MIT spearheaded by Otto Scharmer whose work in this field reveals that the key characteristics influencing the way people work together best involve exploring possibility as opposed to predictability, a practice that triggers enhanced creativity, inspiration, and innovative outcomes.

So how do leaders guide discussions toward the realm of possibility?

Interestingly, the answer is in the way we listen. This requires refined and specific technique such as listening with all the senses, and noticing emotional as well as intellectual communication components. It means being sensitive to the factual and feeling information being expressed and receiving it in a safe, optimistic environment enabling both the speaker and the listener to enjoy a positive, encouraging experience.

Then, from this comfortable place of acceptance, letting go of barriers, and ego, the skilled leader moves the conversation beyond what is, and opens to what is possible. What future is emerging? What is becoming? The conversation becomes a lively, stimulating exploration of possibility for the leader as much as the participants.

The result is the true essence of cultivating a future-oriented experience where possibilities can emerge, and exciting, innovative realities can be realized and implemented. This future evoking practice sets business leaders on track for actualizing imagination and progressive brainstorming often moving business forward into unexpected, and sometimes unorthodox navigation of the unknown.

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