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Outgrow your mistakes. Learn from them. Let them go, and set your sights ever forward. Open to unimaginable possibility.

Imagination seeds innovation, but only when it’s set free to carry us to ideas and potential we may not have considered. This, in essence, is true expansion.

Commit to the process of partnering with imagination. Cultivate it. Treat it with respect, attention, and integrity. After all, imagination isn’t outside of or separate from us. It’s a magical, creative, unique, life-long part of who we are. As we evolve, imagination can serve as a personalized guide leading to our greatest potential.


Informed executives are well-aware that physically fit employees tend to be superior producers. Of course, you can’t make people jog, but you can jog their minds. Firm up their thought processes by creating brainstorming sessions designed to bring the people in your business to their full potential.

Your employees were hired because of their capabilities, yet ironically, the busier and more successful your company becomes, the less time there is for cultivating innovation. That’s why brainstorming sessions are so effective. They get the blood rushing again by offering an opportunity to share best techniques, pool resources, develop skills, stimulate each other with ideas, and problem solve through directed discussion.

Here’s how it works: set aside an hour and a half to two hours when approximately 10 to 15 employees can be in the same place at the same time. It can even be part of a staff meeting or management program. And most importantly, there needs to be an expert facilitator. Not an instructor or lecturer, but a highly skilled catalyst who restores vitality and inspires productivity.

Think about it. Maybe you could use a few sit-ups yourself? For further detail, contact Susan at INNOVATIVE MENTORING (

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Are you feeling a sense of vulnerability in the workplace? Maybe you're seeking clarity regarding business leadership practices or empowered professional choices?

By developing a refined, results-driven strategy, you will inherently become more clear, confident, receptive, and inspired. It’s a step-by-step process. Many find that writing or creating an outline of the steps needed to reach a specific goal actually helps establish enhanced clarity in terms of how to proceed. Even when you’re not sure what steps need to be taken, the act of identifying a framework to follow inspires creative problem-solving skills.

This grounded self-awareness leads directly to effective solutions regardless of whether your business is private or non-profit, if you are an independent contractor, an artist, or not yet sure where to begin. The key is designing innovative strategies that inspire improved change and with greater ease. As a result, blind spots or dreams just below the surface may become newly revealed. This is a terrific technique for vision-building and professional success.

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