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The concept of boundaries seems to be surfacing with increased momentum lately. We’re repeatedly reminded through pop culture and even academia that establishing and maintaining boundaries enhances a range of qualities both personally and professionally. What exactly does this mean and can it truly make a difference?

Simply put, boundaries are the limits we set for ourselves in relationships. All kinds of relationships.

However, to set limits, we need to evaluate what we consider acceptable and what is not. Sounds easy enough but when something unacceptable occurs, are we able to assert our limits? Are we confident saying “No”?

Clarifying boundaries may be a more comfortable practice for parents because that role requires establishing limits for children. But it’s significantly more challenging to establish boundaries in the workplace, especially for women, or with friends and intimate partners. Yet, if we take time to understand why certain things are unacceptable to us according to our personal values and preferences, we move forward building a strong platform for self-esteem, respect, and awareness.

The importance of this cannot be underestimated because when we genuinely know ourselves and what we will and will not allow, we are free to be honest in relationships. We are better able to authentically take a stand for who we are. And by expressing how we feel, others gain the opportunity to know who we are as well.

So, yes! Establishing boundaries is terrific inner work that leads to fortifying our sense of self and how we show up in relationship, especially the relationship with ourselves. It also serves as a model demonstrating the value of self-respect.


I recently took a break from work to care for my daughter following surgery. And although I have always been a devoted caretaker and knew her eventual outcome would be radiant health, the situation required relentless attention to detail as well as innovative solutions to arising problems. It was exhausting on many levels, pushing me to new extremes, but I embraced them without hesitation.

One night as I wearily approached sleep, I thought about the ways in which we caretake clients.

How far do we go to ensure the utmost well-being of those connections?

My commitment to delivering a job well done and taking responsibility for guiding the client and our collaboration to the most rewarding and illuminating outcome is the foundation of my work. But to what end? How do we define ‘most rewarding and illuminating’?

We establish boundaries within our client relationships to help contain time and energy spent in search of the most productive, inspiring solutions. But it can be a fine line that separates us from preserving time and energy to taking that extra step that could possibly launch explosive inspiration, creativity, and unimaginable results.

The unimaginable realm, as unorthodox as it may sound, is where logic meets magic. Accessing that which is beyond what we currently perceive, is a matter of intention. It’s not with guaranteed results each time, but the moments we’re able to step into actualizing something other than the expected, something that goes beyond the ordinary leads to doorways of innovation.

For further insight into accessing the unimaginable, contact INNOVATIVE MENTORING:


When developing a strategy for attracting new clients or making sales, many believe being ‘likable’ is the key to success. Their thinking is something such as: ‘If they know and like me, they will be more inclined to buy from me’. This logic however, is not the bottom line factor for decisionmakers. The true motivator is whether you are perceived as a trusted authority in your field. In other words, can you be trusted to give them what they need?

The potential customer has only one question: ‘How can you help me?’

Nothing else matters.

Do you understand their issues? Are you able to empower them to receive the results they seek? These are the questions to ask in each case. If your answer is YES, you can trust yourself which will easily translate into earning the trust of your client as you work together to deliver the personalized version of their needs and desires.

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